Why Should Growing Companies Adopt Shift-Left

This comprehensive guide helps businesses understand the benefits of testing early.

What you'll learn from this guide

  • Shift-Left For Growth: Enterprise companies worldwide face huge pressure in developing and releasing applications faster without sacrificing quality. Learn how Shift-Left helps scale enterprise application.
  • The Role Of QA In The Shift-Left World: The shift left approach helps enterprise companies address the “Speed vs. Quality” problem. Learn the role of QA in this process.
  • Benefits of Shifting Left: Shift-left allows your teams to identify and resolve issues without any delay. This chapter helps you understand the benefits of implementing the shift-left strategy.

  • How To Start With The Shift-Left Approach: Learn how to implement shift-left strategy in your enterprise.
  • Should You Simply Shift-left Everything: While Shifting left ensures operational excellence and solves the speed vs quality problem, shifting right looks at the scalability and usability of the application. Learn the difference between shifting left and shifting right. 
  • The Need For A Test Enablement Platform: No matter how strong your shift-left strategy is, bugs can still escape to production if not tested on proper devices. Learn the importance of test execution infrastructure.